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Provo, UT: Mobile Food Trucks in Downtown Provo

The Council recently discussed possible regulation permitting the use of Mobile Food Trucks in downtown Provo.

Provo, UT: No New Law for Provo Food Trucks, at Least for Now

By Amie Rose  |  Utah Valley 360 Even though Provo has a thriving weekly food truck roundup, the city doesn’t have any specific laws regulating...

Provo, UT: Utah County’s Food Truck Round-ups

Food truck popularity has only gone up, and Utah County offers some of the best.

Salt Lake, UT: Utah Restaurants Compete on ‘Food Court Wars’

The Cache Valley Mall in Logan is the next stop for the reality competition show "Food Court Wars."

St. George, UT: Truck Serves Up Corn Dogs, Even in the Freezing Winter

I settled indoors and bit into the crisp yet soft cornbread exterior and was immediately pleased with the sweet flavor of the dog’s wrap. Then my taste buds were greeted by the meat: juicy, savory and still sweating a little from its recent time in the deep fryer. The combination of sweet and salty was perfect.

Holladay, UT: Holladay May Approve Mobile Food Sales

We looked at many cities’ ordinances, but Salt Lake City’s ordinance was a bit more in line with what we were looking for. We drafted Holladay to be a bit more pared down

Salt Lake, UT: 9 New Food Trucks Roll into Salt Lake

More restaurants on wheels continue to pop up around the Salt Lake Valley, hoping to emulate the success of the Chow Truck, which made its first appearance in 2010. SuAn Chow’s Asian fusion truck is so successful, she’s looking into a brick and mortar spot.

Salt Lake, UT: Are Food Trucks Taking A Bite Out of Salt Lake Restaurants?

He serves a salad bar, sandwiches and smoothies on the same street as the food trucks. He said managers first thought the trucks would drive away customers, but it's actually increased their traffic.

Salt Lake City, UT: 7 More Food Trucks To Try This Spring

This truck serves up burgers of all kinds: grass-fed beef, turkey, and veggie. Like any proper burger joint, they also make shakes — with Utah's own Farr's Ice Cream, no less.

Salt Lake City, UT: Health Dept. Closes 8 Taco Carts in SLC

Food was prepared at home and not at an approved commissary