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Seattle, WA: Eat At A Truck, Trim Your Waistline

I have never been one for New Year's resolutions, but a vow to not feel gut-bombed after every meal is a noble aspiration.

Sydney, Austrailia: Food Trucks are Racing Towards Sydney

Sydneysiders will soon have 10 mobile eateries to choose from each night

Meet the New Stars of Street Food

Become a celebrity food truck chef/owner—complete with the kind of lucrative endorsement gigs celebrity chefs typically get?

The 10 Best Food Trucks In London

Food trucks have stormed the streets of London, taken over festivals, set up shop in markets and redefined the term “street café”

New Orleans: Street Fare Derby Showcases Quick, Delicious Comfort Food

The well-attended Street Food Derby, hosted by NOLAfoodtrucks.com

British Street Food Awards 2011

British Street Food Awards at Harvest At Jimmy’s September 9.

Downtown LA Challenge: In the Food Truck Trenches

I was practically throwing food out the window while the world’s fastest cook was piling lunches in front of me.


We just got some great news from O’Neill Reid, owner of the Jamaican Dutchy cart, and a 2009 Vendy Award Finalist. He will be adding a big, blue Jamaican Dutchy truck to go along with his cart.

SF: Food Trucks Slinging Healthy for Mission High

Mobile vendors Toasty Melts, Liba Falafel, and a few more as yet unconfirmed will roll up to Mission High Saturday to sell good-for-you bites incorporating seasonal produce, a fundraiser for the school's Eat UR Veggies nutrition education program.

Memphis: Food Truck Fare Tomorrow!

I see you standing by a large truck trying to decide between tasty tacos or a veggie burger while soothing reggae music floats on the breeze.