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Washington, DC: D.C. Council Panel Rejects Food-Truck Regulations

A D.C. Council committee Friday rejected a set of proposed vending regulations that food-truck owners had argued would cripple their budding industry.

Washington, DC: D.C. Council Passes Food Truck Regulations

Through a multistep legislative maneuver, the D.C. Council found a way to pass vending regulations while stripping away many of the controversial provisions, pushing those decisions back to another day.

Washington, DC: D.C. Council Passes Uncontroversial Parts of Food Truck Regulations

The regulations passed today update the vending rules for the first time in more than 30 years. They create new classes of licenses for various types of street vendors. Previously, all food trucks were essentially considered ice cream trucks. The approved rules also address various safety and health requirements and how licenses are issued. They also lay out vending locations for sidewalk vendors and stationary roadway vendors (those big white trucks selling souvenirs and ice cream around the Mall).

Washington, DC: D.C. Plans More than 150 Central Locations for Food Trucks

The Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington, which launched its own e-mail campaign last week to promote passage of the vending regulations, had no immediate comment on the number of food trucks that the city plans for popular vending sites. In an interview last week, Andrew Kline, legislative consultant for the group, expressed concern that the city would allow more trucks in mobile roadway vending zones than the association would like.

Cincinnatti, OH: Food trucks Park at New Vending Zone in Washington Park

The city hopes to give the Queen City’s residents and visitors some more dining options, not just during the week, but around major events and other times when crowds are drawn to the area.

Arlington, VA: Will Arlington Food Trucks Be Able to Park Longer Than Two Hours...

County officials to consider creation of vending zones that would allow more flexibility.

Dallas, TX: Food Truck Operators Might Not Be Able to Wear Tank Tops Anymore

here’s also a suggestion to require photo ID badges for all vendors, prohibit smoking by vendors while operating in the vending locations, and to establish a dress code. All these are unregulated right now and sound pretty fair, except… what’s up with this dress code?

Neenah, WI: Neenah Moves to Regulate Mobile Food Vendors

Smoken Pig Express, brings his food cart to the southeast corner of Wisconsin Avenue and Commercial Street on weekdays. He’s not opposed to the ordinance — other than the $250 license fee. He said the fee could force him to move his business to Menasha, which doesn’t charge a fee.

Washington, DC: There’s Plenty of Room for Food Trucks in D.C., According to Two...

The Washington Post reported that the regulations will allow at least three spaces for trucks at each mobile vending zone and still impose the rule requiring 10 feet of “unobstructed” sidewalk next to any parking space not part of a mobile roadway vending zone.

Washington, DC: D.C. Hearing on Food-Truck Rules Leads to Sharp Questions

Despite their efforts to appease the city’s many fans of food trucks, the directors of two District agencies faced pointed questions at a public hearing Friday on proposed regulations that would determine the future of street vending in Washington.