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Virginia Beach, VA: Virginia Beach to consider Food Truck Spot, Zoning Change

The city planning staff is recommending approval of the zoning change, stating in its report the design of the site benefits the community.

Virginia Beach, VA: Bro’s Fish Tacos Debuts at Food Truck Rodeo

Bro's Fish Tacos - a fish taco stand on wheels. The Thalia residents debuted their mobile eatery this month at the first Food Truck Rodeo in the parking lot of Whole Foods Market in Hilltop.

Virginia Beach, VA: Food Trucks Camp out Feb. 18 at Haynes Furniture Locations

The mobile kitchens will be offering up their unique items, including cilantro chicken, kimchi quesadillas and chocolate mint cupcakes with a ganache drizzle

Virginia Beach, VA: Virginia Beach celebrates “Food Truck Rodeo.”

The Virginia Beach grocery store is celebrating food trucks in Hampton Roads.

Virginia Beach, VA: Malbon’s BBQ & Catering Inc Introduces ‘The Flying Pig’ Food Truck

What differentiates Malbon’s BBQ from any other BBQ place in the Virginia Beach market is the fact that we use the whole hog for our pulled pork BBQ. This makes for outstanding Grade A BBQ

Minneapolis, MN: Food Truck To Twisted Sister – ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’ [video]

“I cried. I really did. I was just in shock,” said Kaake, owner of the Twisted Sister House of Hunger food truck.

Hampton Roads, VA: Mobile Food Firms Face Hurdles in Hampton Roads

The city's zoning rules limit food trucks to certain commercial and industrial areas