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Waco, TX: Preparation pays off at second Texas Food Truck Showdown

Organizers said this year’s turnout likely would match the estimated 9,000 hungry people that led to confusion and sold-out vendors last year. This time around, the festival was ready.

Waco, TX: Pokey O’s Cookies and Ice Cream food truck

Customers can choose own cookie/ice cream combinations or use Pokey O’s creations like the Tuxedo (chocolate chip cookies with white chocolate chip ice cream between).

Waco, TX: 1st Texas Food Truck Showdown hit the Jackpot

One of the things I really wanted to do on Saturday was take a minute to look around the food truck event at Heritage Square and appreciate the fact that we could hold something of the kind.

Waco, TX: New Food Trailer Serves Variety of Sweets in Downtown Waco

I love to bake and eat. The cupcake market is pretty well covered, but I love making cookies, cheesecakes, poundcakes — you know, the fattening things

Waco, TX: Hot Dog Cart Brings Touch of New York to Waco

Her reaction — surprise, delight, sudden beef craving — is typical of what Gaylord has seen since opening the cart Monday on the blue-tiled grounds of the former Cox department store on Austin Avenue.

Waco, TX: La Lola Loca Truck to Open on Baylor Campus

It will be in different places each day for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Waco, TX: Food Trucks in a Neighborhood Near You [video]

Food trucks are taking over the fast food scene and they're coming to a neighborhood near you.