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Columbus, OH: 12,000 People Crowd the Food Truck & Cart Festival

The 1st edition of the Columbus Food Truck & Cart Festival took place last night & unanticipated levels of attendees flooded into Downtown to partake in the mobile food madness.

1st Ever Orlando Food Truck Bazaar Draws Thousands, Becomes Victim of its Own Success

If upon arriving at a restaurant you were told the expected wait time to eat was more than 3 hours, you’d likely turn around and leave. But that’s how long I stood in line last night to eat at the Orlando Food Truck Bazaar, put on by TheDailyCity.com.

Philly: Kim’s Dragon & Why I Feel Bad for Drexel Students

Sorry Drexel kids.... your Chinese food trucks... they suck!

Video: NoMi Food Truck Rally – Is There a Better Kind Of Rally?

Organized by the Gourmet Food Truck Association, the truck rally happens every Tuesday and is well worth a try.