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Washington, D.C.: Food Truck Owners Say New Regulations Would Drive Them Out of Most...

The regulatory battles over the city's growing fleet of food trucks continues

Washington, DC: Food Trucks: Drivers of the American Dream, or A Pox on Our...

"Sidewalk cafés are great,” he added. “But so are food trucks."

Buffalo, NY: Crowding in for a Taste

"Are you sure they're sanitary?" he asked.

A Taste Of Two Cities Sparks A Food Truck Battle Between D.C. & Baltimore

The food truck industry which is, in the words of Chef Ruddell-Tabisola, “creating jobs & providing cities that embrace food trucks, opportunities for economic growth”.

Menus On The Move

Is the menu road-worthy?

Coming Soon, a Baltimore vs. Washington, D.C. Food Truck Event

A Taste of Two Cities will gather together 20 food trucks from each city

Omaha, NE: Couple Finds Suitable Business with Food Truck

“We don't want people thinking Mexican food is just beans, chips and rice,” Moises said.

Ballard’s Veraci Makes International TV Debut on The Cooking Channel

"It's pretty cool to get international exposure," co-owner Errin Byrd said

California’s Bogus War on Food Trucks [video]

Reason contributor Kennedy referred to the bill as “an idiotic piece of nonsense.”