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Calgary, CA: Health Inspectors tell Calgary Food Truck Operators to Clean up their Act

A recent check of the Alberta Health Services website has found many of those who run those restaurants on wheels have received failing grades during health inspections.

Boston, MA: 4 Boston Food Trucks Named the Best in America

Foodie website The Daily Meal has ranked the country’s food truck cuisine, releasing a list of the “101 Best Food Trucks in America.

National News: This Boob-Themed Milk Truck Delivers Nourishment

The colorful pink, red, and blue mobile breastfeeding unit is a safe haven for mothers to feed their babies “in places where they have been discouraged.

Haute Wheels: Fashion Takes a Cue From Food Trucks

I wanted relationships with customers.

Brentwood Culinarian Gets Wheels Turning with Mobile Chef

He prepares and cooks all the meals from raw ingredients on-site

Durham, NC: Get Ready for Durham’s Food Truck Rodeo

29 culinary sensations are slated to roll into Durham Central Park

St. Louis, MO: Papa Tom’s Gateway Dog House Owner Turns to Social Media to...

A generator and 100 feet of 50 amp copper electrical cable

Food Truck Trend Gains Momentum in Fayetteville

Slowly, steadily, silver-ly, there appears to be a business-on-wheels culture taking shape in Fayetteville.

Spotted! Microsoft Advertising Tells a Tasty Tale

Microsoft Advertising has hopped onto the food truck bandwagon

Denver, CO: Bambu Mobile Chinese Coming Soon

The folks at Bambu Mobile Chinese are rolling into town in the next few weeks