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Las Vegas, NV: Foodie Fest Brings Food You’ve Been Missing to Las Vegas

The idea of hosting a food truck festival sparked from Galgana and his business partner Noel Casimiro’s love of food. They considers themselves “foodies,” people who have a refined interest in food and beverages.

Las Vegas, NV: Second Chance for White Castle at Las Vegas Foodie Fest

The popular burger joint says that will be bringing triple the number of grills and triple the staff. They will also debut their new Crave Mobile for foodies interested in purchasing 10 burgers or less.

Louisville, KY: White Castle to Test Food Trucks in Louisville

White Castle is testing out a new business concept right here in Louisville

Las Vegas, NV: Food Celebration Reaches Masses

Trucks gather to introduce their own unique culinary creations to attract audiences in the local community