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NYC: Boathouse Deal May Affect Tavern

Highly likely that it (our lease agreement) would not be renewed," said Burak Karacam, managing owner of the Pera Turkish Tacos truck.

NYC: Food Truck Quits Tavern on the Green

Even alcohol couldn’t save the Ladle of Love truck.

Every Bride Expects a Lovely Food Truck [video]

Street sales aren't the only source of revenue for the gourmet food trucks that have taken the city by storm in a few years.

Snack Trucks Thwart Nutrition Goals

Fights have broken out between drivers over choice parking locations, forcing him to call the police on more than one occasion.

For These Sandwich Lovers, the Cheese Stands Alone (video)

In 50-minute heats, they grilled 20 samples, delivered by "cheese runners" to "spectator judges," members of the public who paid $12 to attend, and "executive judges," who included food critics, restaurant owners and cheese connoisseur Laura Werlin, who just published her second grilled-cheese cookbook.

NYC: Prices for Food Cart Permits Skyrocket

Monawara Sultana says her rent is going up: $14,000 for a two-year permit to run a food cart where she sells $1 hot dogs outside of Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx.

Restaurants, Food Trucks in Turf War

A food fight is breaking out in downtown San Francisco, with a group of restaurants squaring off against an incursion of food trucks that they say pose unfair competition.

CupcakeStop’s Store: ‘Like A Truck That’s Indefinitely Parked’

But Last night, owner Lev Ekster opened the door to a quaint little shop in the Village.