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Cleveland, OH: Dim and Den Sum

Dim and Dem Sum has a short menu, but it is filled with flavors and quality ingredients one would not expect to find at a food truck, and especially not in blue collar Cleveland.

New York, NY: 10 Best fFood Trucks in New York City

Fortunately, a few locals with industrious spirits and impressive parallel parking skills have made New York's food truck dream into a reality. Follow your nose (and your Twitter feed) to get a taste of these mobile maestros.

New York, NY: The Best Street Food in New York City

Street food is an integral part of local cuisine in many cultures. New York City is often described as a melting pot of cultures so it is no surprise that NYC has a very bright, vibrant street food scene.

York City, PA: Food Truck Talk Worries York City Restaurateur

There's a handful of small businesses here that are actually struggling right now. We're all hanging in, but we're struggling,