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National News: The Ten Best Food Trucks In America

Now around the country, the food truck industry is filled with some of the best food in America.

Los Angeles, CA: JUICEBOX Truck Takes to the Streets, Built Custom Burgers Launches Monday,...

JUICEBOX, which will camp out at Coachella, is a fancy new 100% sustainable juice-slinging vehicle (a Mercedes-Benz BlueTec which runs on Bio-Diesel) that serves made-to-order 16-ounce juices pressed from local, organic produce.

Covington, OH: Restaurants NOT Keen on Food Trucks

We need more activity” on the streets

Spotlight The 8 Craziest-Looking Food Trucks

Food truck proprietors have gone beyond the norm with design, creating totally wacky vehicles.

8 Food and Drink Trends That Are Totally Played Out

There seems to be no shortage of restaurant-world fads that tick off the dining public.

Food Trucks are Getting Organized and Delicious

From London to New York to Portland, exotic snack trucks are popping up and bringing with them some civic issues.

The 5 Hottest Dining Trends in 2011 So Far

In early 2011 we saw just the opposite – as many popular food trucks opened brick-and-mortar locations.

Night Market Musings: What Food Truck Does Philly Need Next?

Our city’s roving food scene has exploded of late, and many of its brightest stars were present, including Jose Garces’ Guapos Tacos

Where Food Truck Drivers Go To The Bathroom & Other Burning Questions Answered (video)

Huffpost Food recently attended the Zagat Food Truck Frenzy in order to learn a little bit more about the people behind the food trucks and get answers to all our burning questions.

New York: Rapidly Growing Food Truck Industry Rallies

Two blocks in West Chelsea turned into a powerhouse gathering of mobile food vendors offering the finest fare in their rapidly growing industry.