Talk About a Hot Meal: D.C. Food Trucks Grapple With Scorching Conditions

by Megan Arellano |

If you think it’s hot outside right now, try standing inside a food truck.

“It’s hotter in the truck—way hotter,” says vendor Dinia Bautista. Her Best Mexican Burritos & Tortas buggy was one of seven food trucks serving patrons in the blazing heat at Farragut Square around 12:45 p.m. on Friday.

The high temperatures, expected to exceed 100 degrees this afternoon, prompted several mobile food vendors to take the day off on Thursday.

For some vendors, missing a Friday was simply out of the question. “Friday is the best day of the week,” says Fernando Postigo, operator of the Sol Mexican Grill truck.

Andy Kim of the Korean-themed Yellow Vendor buggy says customers expect food trucks to operate as usual no matter what the circumstances. “If it’s raining and we’re not there, they’ll say that’s not an excuse,” Kim says. “We miss your food.”

None of the vendors Y&H spoke with reported any mechanical problems as a result of the heat.

But not all of them seemed so gung ho about carrying on amid the ongoing scorcher of a day.

Halal Grill operator Mohammad Peruaize advises potential customers: “Stay inside. Don’t come out. It’s better that way.”