Tampa Food Truck Rally 2.0: Sat., Oct. 22

By Todd Sturtz | CLTampa.com

Tampa’s first Food Truck Rally was a great success. But Tampa’s second Food Truck Rally should blow the first one out of the water.

I’m proud to have helped put on the first rally, and I’m excited that there was so much interest that we’ll be making it a monthly event. We had around 5,000 people show up, and there were a number of folks on top of that who said they saw how large the crowd was and turned away. Between the Saturday evening after the rally and the following Monday afternoon I had literally hundreds of emails from people that either had trucks, were building trucks, wanted to build trucks, or just wanted to participate in future rallies somehow. Tampa, I knew you had it in you — Orlando and Miami will soon be envious of our food truck scene!

I’m also happy to announce that the Tampa Food Truck Rally #2 will be held on Saturday October 22nd, from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. in Seminole Heights at Christ Fellowship of Tampa (300 E. Sligh Ave). There will be 25 trucks or more in attendance, as well as much more space, and much cooler weather this go-round.

Tim and Michelle of Bites in the Heights are helping put the rally on, as it is their church that will be holding the event, and we’re sure it’ll be a rockin’ good time.

Some tips to make the experience more enjoyable:

– This is a free, non-religious event. The church has been cool enough to host it. Please appreciate that.
– It wouldn’t be a bad idea to bring a tailgating chair or two so you always have somewhere to sit and relax.
– Lines will inherently be long, as this is a free event with thousands of people. Bring friends, and get those friends to stand in different lines, that way you can all share items and try lots of yummy grub.
– Seeing as this is Florida, you might as well wear sunscreen.
– We’ll have hundreds of parking spaces, but it wouldn’t hurt to carpool.
– Have fun. That’s the main goal. If you leave with a belly full of good food, you were successful.

Oh, and curious why we still haven’t done a rally in St Pete? We’d love to. We even had a church approach us, offer up their grounds, offer volunteers to work the event, and support it fully. We got to the final planning stages and the city responded to them that it would not be allowed. A FREE event for a CHURCH would not be allowed. If you live in St Pete (or just like supporting local small business owners) I implore you, hop on Fire Monkey Food Truck’s Facebook page and sign their petition, they’re looking to get 2,000 digital signatures before they go back to the city (again) to beg to be able to sell food just like every other legitimate, legal, licensed, inspected food establishment in the city.