The Food is Important, But so is the Food Truck!

The Mojo Gourmet Coffee truck's co-owner rady to serve the "hipsters" at the event.

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This is our second installment on an ongoing series that began last week focusing on the core of the food truck industry, the TRUCK!  Yes, we realize that the food is important, but the machine that allows the wonderful cuisine to be made is just as important.

So, there we were, on our way to Philadelphia to check out the “Philly: Art For The Cash Poor“.  I know what your thinking.  Why is the team from Mobile Food News going to cover a art show for the cash poor?  Well, beside the traditional paintings and crafts, this art show had other, not traditional art work we wanted to check out of the Gastronomic kind.

The Mojo Gourmet Coffee truck's co-owner Kim ready to serve the "hipsters" at the event. photos by

As we pulled up to the event we saw the MoJo Gourmet Coffee truck.  What a fine specimen!  A gorgeous, custom built “barista mobile”. This was one heck of a mobile of a machine.  From the 33KW generator to the completely stainless clad interior, this is one thought out food truck.

The truck chasis was sourced by Guy & Kim Edwards, owners of the MoJo truck.  Then the chasis was sent off to Supreme Truck Body in Pennsylvania to have a custom box build that would be meet the needs of the operator.  As you can see, the curbside door, along with both of the integrated cab doors make for easy access.

The truck then made it’s way to Custom Mobile Food Equipment in Hammonton, NJ to undergo the custon kitchen buildout deigned by Guy.

The read of the truck boasts two full size barnstyle doors that allow for complete access to the 33KW gen-set.  The well designed 3 foot deep area was well vented for exhaust on the roof as well as clean air intake on the right side of the compartment.

Not even knowing how to operate the coffee machine in the MFN HQ, I am not attempt to explain the equipment in the kitchen of this truck.  You can clearly see how well thought out and well disigned this work area is.  From the numerous coffee brewing apparatice to the roof mounted cup dispensers, everthing in the beverage  prep area was “A #1”!

In the panini and bagel prep area, again, a quality commercial conveyor toaster, panini press and more!

Guy mans the cash register located at the service window of this mammoth machine.  You will notice an upright refrigerator/freezer unit and to his immediate right, a two door under-counter refridgeerator.

No expense was spared on this stainless clad monster!

If you interested in starting a mobile barista truck such as the MoJo, feel free to reach out for Guy via his website

As we entered the courtyard of the even, we came across this cool, Sprinter specimen belonging to Jimmie’s Cupcakes.

Again, you can see from the outside alone, that no detail was left out on this cupcake mobile.

Notice the rooftop air conditioner.  A true pleasure for the Owner/Operator.  The interior was build again of primarily stainless steel, making maintenace a breeze.

No doubt, the creative, colorful striping makes this unit quite appealing to the eye.  I was let down by the use of the temporary menu listing on  he side of the truck, which could have been improved by a custom installed flat screen or other type of semi-permenant menu board case as used by the MoJo Gourmet Coffee truck.

Never the less, these truck were completely well thoughtout and designed.  Also, both trucks were clearly well maintained by the owner/operators.

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