The Great Food Truck Race, Saturday, June 25 (in Australia!)

By Samantha Selinger-Morris |

What do you get when you link the latest food trend, mobile food vans, with the not-so-new genre of reality TV? A series that’s as fun as a chocolate pizza. This series features seven teams of cooks racing from Los Angeles to New York, tackling gourmet challenges along the way.

Five teams are left for this round, which will take them to Fort Worth, Texas. The hot-pressed sandwich dudes are stressed because it’s their home turf, so hopes are high.


The Vietnamese sandwich team struggle to find an eager lunchtime crowd.

The Vietnamese sandwich ladies are struggling to find an eager lunchtime crowd because many locals have already stuffed themselves on breakfasts of meat, meat and more meat.

On top of it all, renowned Fort Worth chef Tim Love is on hand to judge this week’s challenge: to somehow carve up and incorporate – guess what? – a side of beef into a daily special.