The Lime Truck Sued For Alleged Trademark Infringement

Photo by Christopher Victorio

By Edwin Goei |

Photo by Christopher Victorio

For every up, there’s a down. This past summer, The Lime Truck was selected to be one of a few food trucks in the country to compete in Food Network’s popular show, The Great Food Truck Race. That’s the up.

Now here’s the down: The Lime Truck is being sued for alleged trademark infringement by Lime Fresh Mexican Grill, a Florida-based Mexican chain with nine restaurants in the state.

Warning: The Great Food Truck Race spoilers ahead.

The suit was filed June 10 in Miami-Dade County and names The Lime Truck’s Jason Quinn and Daniel Shemtob as defendants. No doubt this was spurred by The Lime Truck’s recent foray into Miami as a finalist on the show, where they were impressing Miami customers, whipping up lots of Miami press, and now also unwittingly becoming a target for Miami litigation.

Details to come once we get the documents…