The Main Street Food Truck Festival: Vendor List and Thoughts

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If you made it out for the Main Street Food Truck Festival on Saturday, you weren’t alone.  I’m convinced that everyone in Little Rock was either on Main Street or at the Old Statehouse with President Clinton.  It was a mad house, but a mad house means a great success for the vendors and the Main Street Food Truck Festival.   They’re already talking about next year.

I compiled a list of vendors at the 2011 festival with addresses, Twitter and Facebook links and phone numbers.  If you didn’t make it (or didn’t get to eat), you can check them out on a normal day  when they’re a little less crowded.  I also took some photos.

Peace Hog Mobile

The festival wasn’t perfect, but it was fun.  Most of the imperfections are because it was so popular.  That’s a good problem to have.   The problems were mostly supply and demand related: a lot of the trucks had extremely long waits.  At some, you stood in line for hours only to find out the truck was out of what you wanted by the time you got to the front of the line.   Plus, you had to buy tickets to purchase food.  I talked to a few people who were upset they had purchased tickets, especially when some of the trucks were sold out before they got through the line.  They couldn’t get their money back unless they sold the tickets to someone else.

I know I stood in one line for 45 minutes only to have the owner come out and say they were sold out of food.  I stood in another line for more than two hours.  As I was reaching the front, the vendors declared themselves sold out of half their menu.

Most people were understanding.   People got a “just give me whatever you have” attitude after standing in the long lines.  The Razorbacks were on early in the day. There was live music.  They never ran out of beer (though I heard they ran out of some beers).   Can’t complain about it too much.

Even though the vendors were slammed, tired and probably dealing with at least few grumpy customers, most of them were cheerful, pleasant and appreciative of our patience.   That made the wait easier to take.   I noticed a few altered their menus as the day went on and they ran out of stuff, just so they could get some food out.  I guess any day you sell out is a good day for a food truck.

I’ve been comparing it to the World Championship Cheese Dip Championship.  Its inaugural year had some bumps (long lines and running out of food . . .  sounds familiar).  This year, it was a lot smoother.

I’m sure next year, the Main Street Food Truck Festival will be smoother too.  I would have loved to sample every truck, but I only planned to spend a few hours there.   I spent almost 6 hours, and still only got to hit three trucks.  I guess I will just find them elsewhere.  Organizers say they hope to have twice the trucks next year.  That’d be great!