The Mobi Munch: A $125,000 Food Truck In a Box

The Mobi Munch: A 5,000 Food Truck In a BoxSo you want to own a food truck, but you don’t know where to start. Apparently that predicament is a common one, because the Mobi Munch, a $125,000 “scalable mobile food truck infrastructure,” is designed as just the solution.

The Chicago Tribune encountered the Munch back in May, at this year’s National Restaurant Show.

The Mobi Munch packs pretty much everything a prospective food truck chef might need: fresh water, gas heat, and a place for food waste. An optional restroom attachment (seriously) offers a place for human waste, too. And at $125,000, it’s only a fraction of what it costs to open a full scale restaurant.

The Mobi Munch: A 5,000 Food Truck In a BoxThe Mobi Munch on display in Chicago belonged to Ludo Lefebvre, a chef from Los Angeles who was in the midst of transforming it into “Ludo Fried Chicken.” Chairman Bao, another popular San Francisco-based food truck seen to the left, was also built on the Mobi Munch infrastructure. doesn’t discriminate against lesser food trucks, however; the recently launched site aims to be a portal for all things mobile-food related. And while these super-sophisticated systems will undoubtedly lead to a glorious new age of high-tech food truckery, I just have one question where’d Endless Summer go?

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