The Sweet & the Savory: Not-to-Miss Food Trucks in NYC

by  | Whisked Foodie

When you live in one of the fastest paced cities in the world, the first thing to go is the lunch hour. There just isn’t enough time for the three martinis followed by a huge steak and one pound baked potato lunches of yore. Today, you are lucky if you have enough time to run to the nearby deli for a diet soda and a packet of stale potato chips. Thankfully, things are slowly improving. The food truck culture in NYC has heated up, and gourmet lunch trucks have become de rigeur, allowing for maximum taste in minimum time.

Luke’s Lobster is well-known for bringing both Connecticut and Maine style lobster rolls to the streets of NYC. The truck, which also has a few brick-and-mortar stores, is owned by lobsterman Luke Holden, and the lobster all comes direct from his lobster boats in Maine. The Connecticut style roll is hot with melted butter, and the Maine style roll is served cold with a light binding of mayonnaise. Feisty Foodie, who got the Maine lobster roll, says that, “Not too much mayonnaise and tons of […] very fresh sweet lobster, […] if you see the truck, especially with no line as we saw it, you should definitely stop and get one!”

If you are craving some Moroccan-influenced fare, head to Bistro Truck for French-Moroccan fusion fare, perfectly packaged for traveling back to the office and eating at your desk. Tasty Eating enjoys the merguez sandwich, saying that, “This sandwich was stuffed with that delicious lamb sausage end to end. They slathered on some cooked onions and roasted tomato on that toasty bread.” At just $9, the taste-to-price ratio can’t be beat.

New Yorkers can’t live on main courses alone, and if you have a hankering for something sweet, you should head over to Waffles and Dinges. This Belgian waffle truck offers waffles topped with ice cream, Nutella, and more. One of the most delicious topping is spekuloos, a cookie spread that tastes like a cross between gingerbread, graham crackers, and peanut butter. Spread over yeasty, fluffy, chewy waffles, this dessert is delicious enough to eat for lunch all on its own.

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