There’s A Sloppy New Food Truck In Town

Las Vegas' Sloppi Jo's Food Truck
Las Vegas' Sloppi Jo's Food Truck

by Mr Pappagiorgio |

Las Vegas streets have quickly gone from being food-barren to sporting an army of food trucks over the last year. While putting on our arts hat at First Friday earlier this month, we ran into the city’s newest food truck, Sloppi Jo’s, parked near El Cortez.

Jo’s had only been sloppy for a week when we visited but we’d already been familiar with the sexy yeller truck via @sloppijos. The owner and New Orleans transplant, Jolene, greeted us and introduced us to the menu.

Said menu has six items centered around the Hatch green chile, considered the world’s best chili pepper and named not after a tax-averse Survivor contestant but it’s native Hatch, New Mexico.

Both the Green Chile Stew ($5) and Green Chile Cheese Burger ($5) sounded spicy delish, but standing at the foot of the Sloppi Jo truck, we had our eye on the namesake menu item, Sloppi Jo. Jolene explained it isn’t actually a sloppy joe but since the truck’s name is a play on hers, friends convinced her to make an addition to the menu.

Even after clarifying the Sloppi Jo ($6) wasn’t necessarily the sig dish, she had us at fried egg. A bowl of marinated pork with red chile sauce buried under a fried egg and pickled onions. Where’s the bun? No sloppy bun but instead tortillas which to dip, wrap, or otherwise decorate your pork with.

We’ll be back to sample the rest of the menu and lobby for a truck theme song. Sloppi Jo’s gets around town (it’s a truck, with wheels, you see), even to the strip club. Just in case you need a little pork with your taco.

You can find out where to pork your sloppy taco online or by following Sloppi Jo’s on the twitter.