TimeOut Chicago: Best Food Truck

The Gaztro-Wagon Food Truck

By Heather Shouse | TimeOutChicago.com

The Gaztro-Wagon Food Truck

If the local food-truck scene were high school, Matt Maroni would be prom king. As one of the early entrants to the game, he knows the system top to bottom, but it helps that he peddles a product the public will line up for in the rain. “Naan-wiches,” the wagon’s signature, handheld creations, tuck savory fillings into Indian-inspired bread baked fresh at Maroni’s brick-and-mortar storefront. Selections change quarterly, but when options include pheasant thighs doused with foie gras sauce and garnished with apple, cabbage and Gouda, it’s easy to see why lunch loyalists make it a habit to track the truck on Twitter (@wherezthewagon). 5973 N Clark St (773-942-6152).

The Happy Bodega truck

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