Toledo, OH: Food Truck Legislation Unfair

By Bob Chirdon  |  Toledo News Now

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Downtown food trucks are getting a lot of attention. The question of fundamental fairness has been raised by the owners of the brick and mortar establishments, whose investments and permanence far exceed that borne by food truck owners. 

While these assertions are true, the right to exist and the benefit of food trucks has been clearly demonstrated in numerous, successful downtowns around the country. In those cities, food trucks co-exist and complement established restaurants by offering limited menus and fast, innovative fare.

Food trucks should make it or not based on the quality of the food and the satisfaction of the customers. Food trucks should not be arbitrarily legislated into a non-competitive situation that is restrictive and economically unhealthy.

I am sure a lot of downtown business owners wish they could use the power of the city to eliminate competitors.

So, as downtown Toledo seeks to infuse a feeling of life, at the very least, food trucks offer the appearance of vibrancy and activity. That should be good enough to keep them around.