Top 10: Canadian Food Trucks

photo credit - Grumman 78 Food Truck

By Jennifer Cox |

photo credit - Grumman 78 Food Truck
Why go to the restaurant when the food can come to you?

Food trucks have been popular south of the border for awhile now, but only more recently is this craze catching on further north – Canada already boasts some of the best restaurants in the world, and now they can start bragging about some of the best restos on wheels. With the help of Food Network Canada’s new show “Eat Street,” hosted by Canadian actor and comedian James Cunningham, which profiles the best food trucks in North America, we wrangled up a list of the top 10 Canadian food trucks.

Arnprior, Ontario
Wes’s Chips may be located in a somewhat obscure area, but it’s the only food truck in the area (their French fries would beat the competition anyway).

Farrelton, Quebec
Forget fast food burgers – the meaty patties at Kingburger in this small town in Quebec are juicy, hearty and better than the rest.

Halifax, Nova Scotia
If you’re in Halifax then you’ve gotta check out Susie Shortbreads – a cupcake truck. Yep, you read that right: it’s time for ice cream trucks to take a backseat and make room for mini cakes on wheels.

Because this is an area where food trucks aren’t that prevalent, we thought we should also mention The Battered Fish for great fish and chips.

Montreal, Quebec
Downtown Montreal office workers turn out in droves when the Grumman 78 food truck comes around with their tasty variety of lunch options.

Oshawa, Ontario
The Ice Cream Cart in Oshawa just outside of Toronto goes beyond just serving a wide range of ice creams and icy sweet treats – they also sell a variety of popcorn flavours.

Ottawa, Ontario
The Best Fries In Town serves up, well, the best fries in town! Nothing warms a chilly spring day in the capital region like a carton of piping hot freshly cut French fries.

Richmond, British Columbia
Richmond residents are lucky to have the Shoryumen Ramen Truck, with high-end Japanese fare served at ridiculously low prices.

Toronto, Ontario
The Original Bavarian Bratwurst Wagon Co. with hot dogs, burgers, and sausages has been a fixture in big-city Toronto for years – the smell will draw you in from blocks away.

Vancouver, British Columbia
Forget ketchup and mustard – the dogs at Japa Dog in Vancouver are topped with a bevy of creative and tasty condiments and extras.

Victoria, British Columbia
It would only make sense that this seaside town have a delicious seafood truck like Red Fish Blue Fish, with the best (and freshest) seafood in the area.