Toronto, CAN: Toronto Food Truck Pilot Project Extended

By Cindy McGlynn  |  Toronto Food Trucks


Toronto is extending the food truck pilot project past its scheduled end date according to a report.  The project kicked off in August, allowing a couple dozen food trucks to sell their food in selected city parks. Things were slated to wrap October 1st, but Toronto City Councillor Mary Margaret McMahon told Newstalk1010 that the project will continue with no new end date on the books.

That means street food fans can continue enjoying their favourite food truck eats daily – until further notice – at Roundhouse Park, Canoe Landing, Sherbourne Commons and Allan Gardens.

How are things going so far? I spoke with McMahon earlier today and she told me the response to the pilot project has been great. “Food trucks love it. Torontonians love it. And not just in parks,” says McMahon. “We want to see food trucks in the streets, too.”

In related news McMahon tweeted that she’ll be joining the city licensing and standards committee. Why do we care? That committee will be the one reviewing the report from the food pilot project and will be a key player in drafting future street food vending by-laws. McMahon said she intends to be the committee’s  “food truck cheerleader”.

There’s still time to give the city your two cents worth. Invest three minutes to take the City of Toronto Food Truck Survey and tell city hall what you want from your city’s street food scene.