Track that Truck! Sweet Ride Chicago

By Minna An |

If you gave up sugar for Lent, you’re most likely at that stage where everyone around you is looking like a Peep with legs. Or you just like sugar, like many of us here at the Chicagoist do. Either way, choose to take a break or break fast with deliciously sweet and cute confections from Sweet Ride, one of Chicago’s newer food trucks with a “bright-pink originality and a carefree attitude.”

Sweet Ride’s on-site menu is just a glimpse into their full repertoire of sweets, offering on a regular basis one of their many cake pops flavors, some of their whoopie pies and a trio set of mini cupcakes, a cute small box filled with three different kinds of even cuter mini cupcakes. Each truck menu item is made fresh that morning, with the finest ingredients (Madagascar Vanilla Bourbon and bittersweet Belgian chocolate anyone?) and fresh fruits.

On a particularly sunny weekday, we sauntered over the Monroe and Dearborn (where food trucks seem to congregate during lunchtime) to Sweet Ride, a mini pink truck with orange flames tagged up the side. On menu was their red velvet cakepop, glazed in white chocolate, Whoop it Good and Sweetie Pie whoopie pies, and strangely enough an old-fashioned banana pudding. While $3 for a cakepop may seem a bit pricey (compared to Starbucks’ dollar something cakepop) the price and quality can’t compare. The cake batter is both rich and airy, and the glaze is sweet yet not overpowering.

Whoopie Pies appear to be one of Sweet Ride’s more distinguishable items, even if the shape they come in are far from distinguishable. Best amongst the whoopie pies offered is the oddly shaped (a bunny? a puppy?) Whoop it Good, a richly Belgian chocolate cake smushed together with a fluffy marshmallow frosting filling. Not to be out shined by the baked good varieties, the old-fashioned banana pudding is the grown-up version of a longtime childhood snack, with a creamy pudding infused with fresh banana slices topped with crisp wafers, and saving the best for last, a heavenly light Madagascar Bourbon vanilla whipped cream garnishing it all.

Starting this summer, Sweet Ride plans on adding Pupcakes to their menu. It’s exactly what it sounds like, organic and natural treats for puppies (and grown-up dogs, too!) to enjoy, which may surprise you as the new truck treat to try.

Find Sweet Ride all around Chicago by following @SweetRideChi.