Turn your iPad into a Food Truck Cash Register with ShopKeep

By STAFF | MobileFoodNews.com

All Point-of-Sale Systems Go!

Problems with traditional point of sale have led to a chorus of snickering each time the acronym POS is used. But what if the S stood for “Space-Saving?” “Simple & Speedy?” “Stable?” “Secure?” “Supported?” or “Scalable”?  Or all six?  With ShopKeep.com’s iPad POS system that dream may now be a reality for mobile food truck operators.

Available in the ipad App store this month, ShopKeep Register for iPad is a pay as you go service starting at $49 a month that turns an iPad into a cash register, wirelessly popping the cash drawer and printing receipts and offering a food truck operator real time sales and inventory information from any computer anywhere including a phone. ShopKeep has been in beta testing for almost a year at hundreds of locations across the US including the Mexicue food truck in New York City (video of ShopKeep in action at Mexicue here).  Designed by a retailer, ShopKeep.com is perfect for a mobile quick serve environment or any coffee shop, ice cream store, bakery or other quick serve restaurant with less than 270 items.

Purchase with or without the bracket for mounting your drawer under your counter!

Space Saving

ShopKeep.com takes up zero counter space if you undermount a 14″ electronic cash drawer and receipt printer and wall mount your iPad. The recipt printer is optional and can also be used as a ticket system for communicating orders to the line. To enable wifi communication, a wireless router and 3G USB stick is needed.  All ShopKeep-compatible hardware is available on the ShopKeep.com website (and there’s a special offer code for Mobile Food News readers below).

Simple & Speedy

Ample Hills Creamery in Brooklyn set up the ShopKeep system at 9 am on the day they opened in the middle of a New York City heatwave.  With three teen-aged cashiers learning the system on the fly, they managed to sell out of ice cream in 3 days. With just 4 buttons to press to ring up a cash sale, ShopKeep can ring faster than your cashiers can take orders.


ShopKeep was founded by a retailer who had 2 servers running his point-of-sale go down while he was on vacation.  Knowing that when the POS is down, you are essentially closed and tired of having to be a part-time IT professional instead of a full-time retailer, he said ‘there’s got to be a better way.’  In creating ShopKeep he coupled a cloud-based system with a native application so that ShopKeep keeps ringing transactions even if the Internet goes down and even if the cloud servers go down.


With ShopKeep the cash drawer can only be opened with a key or by ringing a sale. This means off-site operators have important controls on cash, which can make up to 75 percent of an operator’s business. Opening shift amounts are entered and when a shift is closed the drawer can be counted and compared to cash sales. The system has integrated credit card processing using an encrypted iDynamo swiper that attaches to the iPad power outlet with a passthrough for a power cord so the iPad can be charging while credit cards are.  Use of the iDynamo which is encrypted end-to-end means you stay PCI compliant. You never store credit card information and ShopKeep never does, only the processor.


As any mobile truck operator knows, stuff happens. For point of sale issues or questions, ShopKeep customer support reps are just a call away. Yes, that’s right, an actual human being will take your call. The 800 number for support is right on the front page of the App ensuring that all your employees are able to get help when they need it. And wouldn’t you rather they call them rather than you?


Adding another register or another truck to your ShopKeep account is as easy as clicking a button. Each additional register is $49 a month and with the average cost of hardware needed at around $1000, you can save your capital to build out your truck.

Space-Saving, Simple, Speedy, Stable, Secure, Supported and Scalable, ShopKeep can turn your POS into a Point of Satisfaction.

ShopKeep Register for iPad can be demoed and downloaded in the Apple iPad App store at http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/shopkeep-register/id434906089

For more information visit www.shopkeep.com or call (800) 820-9814.

Through December 31, 2011 MobileFoodNews.com readers can take 15% off hardware compatible with ShopKeep Register for iPad.  Visit http://shop.shopkeep.com/collections/ipad-hardware and enter the code “MobileFoodNews” at checkout.