Tuscaloosa, AL: University of Alabama Hosts First Ever Food Truck Rally

By Simya Dickson | WVUA 23

Grilled Cheeses, smoothie bowls, cookies, and quesadillas, were just a small list of foods available at The University of Alabama’s first food truck rally.

A variety of popular and brand new food trucks around town gathered on UA’s campus for the rally.

The rally was held by Bama Dining.

Some food truck workers said that the rally was beneficial for all of the businesses.


“I think it’s really great,” said Blenz Bowl worker Chloe Castilleja. “I think it’s a great idea. I think it’s cool to have all the food trucks come together as like one, and be in the same location versus all over the campus you know. So it’s kind of nice to be in one spit and just kind of do it all together.”

The food trucks who participated in the rally gave customers lots of different options.

Among the assorted trucks was the newest business, The Cookie Express.

They debuted their homemade cookies and brownies for the first time at the rally.

UA student Joshua Lewandowski said he was pleased with his purchases.

“The prices were all fairly reasonable actually,” said Lewandowski. “I was like you know let me try one of everything they got. So, I got a little bag of everything. It was really quick. They seem friendly, so fairly solid experience.”

UA students say that the rally’s location was convenient for everyone.

“Oh it’s super convenient for me personally, because I work at Shelby Hall, literally across the street,” said Juliana Conte, UA PhD student. “It is way easier than getting in your car and trying to travel across campus, or travel off campus to go get food, and I think the food is just a way better quality then you’d get at like a dining hall or something. So, I love it.”

A total of five food trucks attended the rally.