Provides Food Trucks’ Location Around Manhattan Instantly

By Hannah Orenstein |

Greenwich Village has an enticing array of restaurants, but sometimes, sitting down they can’t get you that quick fix you need — and that’s where food trucks come in. We all have our favorites, but it can be tough to track down the best meal on wheels when you’re rushing to your next class. can help you follow your favorite trucks as they make their way around campus. is a Manhattan-based start-up with a website and a free iPhone app that compiles and maps Tweets from food trucks in real time to help loyal followers locate their favorite food truck.

“Prior to, finding a food truck was a very spontaneous activity, meaning a food truck might be on your corner when you walk [outside] or it may not,” said Jess Eddy, co-founder of “[My co-founder Joel Potischman and I] found it too cumbersome to constantly be monitoring Twitter accounts, so we decided to make it easier for everyone, including ourselves, by creating a way to view all current food truck locations on an easy-to-read map.”

With over 12,000 hits per month and 4,000 iPhone app downloads, is quickly making a place in the hearts and stomachs of New Yorkers. supports dozens of food trucks, but Eddy, Potischman and iPhone developer David Cascino admit to having a few favorites. Eddy suggests Bian Dang, Cascino prefers Kimchi Truck and though Potischman said he is inclined to “love all [his] ‘children’ equally,” he admitted a weakness for Wafels and Dinges.