Types of Concession Food Possibilities

A wide variety of foods area available from concession stands at fairs, carnivals and special events.

A wide variety of foods area available from concession stands at fairs, carnivals and special events.

Posted By Tara | Staff Writer | MobileFoodNews.com

There are many different types of food that can be sold from a concession trailer or concession truck. Deciding on the type of food you will sell, however, can be quite tricky. There are several ways you can choose. First, look to see what other successful vendors have chosen. Second go with what you are familiar with. Third use your heritage to choose the types of food if you are strongly culture oriented. Finally, choosing food has to do with where you will set up.

First, one way to decide what type of foods to sell is to look at what is selling successfully out there already. Hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken sandwiches and salads, and sausages are sold everywhere with great success. Sides that will sell great as well are fries, onion rings, and chips. It is the all-American food that will sell great no matter what. You will always have a buyer for this type of food. Also known to bring in quite a lot of money is Barbeque. Chicken quarters and ribs are some of the most popular barbeque items there are. Side items that could be sold with these meals are baked beans, cole slaw, and potato salad. Macaroni and Cheese and mashed potatoes also go well with these southern favorites. Chinese food has been known to work out great in some instances, but can be a terrible mistake in other instances.

Another way to decide definitively on what type of food to serve is to go what you are familiar with. If you don’t have any clue what you are doing when you step in front of that cooking equipment, you should not base your entire business on such a risk. If you want to prepare for this type of food, you should gain experience underneath an experienced person in the field. Better yet, you could take a cooking course on how to prepare the type of food you want to serve. Any thing to increase your comfort level with the food you are cooking.

Which brings me to another point, using your heritage to help you decide on type of food. If you are familiar with your culture and its foods, you may want to go down this avenue for food ideas. For example, Chinese heritage is definitely a tight nit group. If you are Chinese and wish to share your heritage, a great way in doing that may be to choose to serve Chinese food. Keep in mind the preparation time when choosing what individual dishes of Chinese food to serve. Don’t be afraid of using who you are to answer the question of what type of food you serve. If you are good at it, your love for the food will be shown in the food and the way you treat customers.

Finally, when choosing food to sell, always keep in mind the place you will set up. If you are around many businesses that have employees with short lunch breaks, something that takes a long time to cook may not be right for you. Or if you do wish to sell something that takes a long time to cook, you may wish to start early and find ways to safely hold your food, so that it can be served quickly and on-the-go.

Choosing food can be challenging, but approaching it with common sense and knowledgeable preparation can make the process much easier and less stressful when choosing. Knowing you are comfortable with your food, have a heritage in it, that it has been a success for other people in the past, and that your location will support the type of food you choose to serve will help you have more of a chance of being successful in your way of running your business.