UK: How Will London’s Burgeoning Food Truck Scene Measure Up at Its First Festival?

A Meatwagon Burger

by Heidi Atwal |

A Meatwagon Burger

Though they may have Yanks beat in terms of pop-up restaurant popularity, our ‘cross the pond friends are only now catching on to the culinary fad that is mobile food. Whereas Los Angeles‘ Wilshire Boulevard is lined back-to-back with food trucks during lunch hour, in London one is hard pressed to find an abundance of similar on-the-go fare.

Recently, however, the tide has been turning as foodies take to the streets with affordable eats made of fresh, local ingredients. Think the Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall meets taco truck, and you’ll start to understand how the scene is shaping up.

Evidence that the times, they are a-changin’ on London’s gastronomy landscape is the impending Real Street Food Festival, which will be held over Royal Wedding Weekend at the Southbank Centre.

Some of the city’s most prominent food-on-wheels purveyors will be present, including Luardo‘s, serving the ever-elusive London burrito, Meatwagon with their 24-day aged beef burgers and Street Foodie, whose kimchi sliders have piqued the curiosity of our Los Angeles-to-London transplant. (L.A.’s Kogi, as you may know, has led the way in terms of Korean fusion street food.)

The festival will take place from April 29th through May 2nd, providing a welcome alternative to partaking in Wills and Kate mania. We will most definitely be stopping by to see how London stacks up against their American counterparts. Ready. Set. Nosh.