UK: North-east man threatened to wage ‘war’ on food truck workers after they used his bin

Adrian Jones leaving Aberdeen Sheriff Court after admitting threatening food van operators outside his home

By Reporter  |  Evening Express

Adrian Jones, 48, originally from Stoke-on-Trent, yelled abuse from his window and warned not to mess with “a Stokey”, advising that people from his town were “nasty”.

The 48-year-old also rattled off a threatening email and made homophobic comments.

It all stemmed from staff at catering firm Lily’s Dough, which uses a converted horse box, supposedly putting rubbish in his bin.

Trouble flared when Jones began shouting from his window on Bridge of Dye, Strachan, on October 5 at around 6.15pm.

Depute fiscal Lynzi Souter told Aberdeen Sheriff Court witnesses who operated the food van had organised a regular pop-up event on the estate.

Mrs Souter said he was heard shouting various obscenities repeatedly.

She said: “The accused was shouting and screaming and this was from the confines of his property but the window was open.

“Witnesses present at the time heard the accused shouting on three different occasions ‘you lesbians’.

“One of the witnesses who was present thereafter began to record what was being said and used his mobile phone to do so.”

Jones was then heard to shout “you’re getting it” as well as “you’ve got a problem”.

Mrs Souter said: “Later on that day one of the operators or owners of the business received an email from the accused. It stated ‘you want a war? You’ve got it’.

“Think very hard because I don’t want to go there but I will.”

Witnesses then noticed Jones “standing outside staring”.

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The matter was reported to police on October 11.

Defence agent Neil McRobert said: “It’s an understatement to say he’s thoroughly embarrassed to be appearing in court in relation to these matters.

“It appears there had been issues with commercial waste and the like from that business being left in bins and the bins overflowing.

“On this particular day he accepts he had been consuming alcohol. That no doubt had an impact on his proper judgement.

“He’s seen his own outside bin had been filled with various boxes and the like from the commercial business. He felt at the time that had been done deliberately because of his previous complaints.”

Mr McRobert added: “He’s taken the decision that he simply requires to leave that neighbourhood.”

Sheriff Graham Buchanan ordered Jones, of Bridge of Dye, to pay a fine of £500.