Use of Social Media in Los Angeles Food Truck Business

Yes, we do know that the WaffleTruck is a NYC based truck, but they too are using Twitter!
Yes, we do know that the WaffleTruck is a NYC based truck, but they too are using Twitter!


How Social Media has taken normal Los Angeles food trucks and created a social phenomenon, in which people follow their twitter activity and drive to wherever they are located to eat there.


The Food Truck business in Los Angeles has been able to greatly maximize their revenue  through the use of Twitter updates. In addition, they have been able to create a cult following of customers through the use of Twitter. Basically, they pick a populated intersection throughout Los Angeles and say they will be there for a period of time. This has completely reversed the seller-customer dynamic because people feel they won’t always have the opportunity to eat this place so they must capitalize on this chance. This has become very popular and inspired many followers as seen at this website: . To grab the customers attention, food truck businesses will also advertise “twitter only deals” in which they mention keywords that can be said at the register to receive free items and discounts. This helps encourage customers to follow this business on twitter which then increases their following when they announce what locations they will be at in the future. This same technique can be applied to your business in the sense of using Twitter to establish a following. Youtube also presents great opportunities with the possibilities of a viral video campaign. To truly maximize the potential of Twitter you have to think outside of the ordinary and just simple Tweets and updates. Twitter has the ability to send a quick message to a large amount of people and can quickly develop your business.