Vancouver, BC: Food Vendor Encouraged to Locate at Kye Bay, Not Marina Park in Comox

Comox council is giving beach-goers more options for food venues this summer, that is, if the owner of Con_Fusion Food agrees.

Council denied the application by Fred Smith of Con_Fusion Food to operate a mobile vending cart in Marina Park, but approved a similar application for the cart to operate in Elks Park in Kye Bay, if Smith agrees.

Al Fraser, superintendent of parks, noted there are already three food vendors at Marina Park, and the addition of a fourth may clutter the area.

“I prefer (three). We’re at a point where we have a good mix … to have too many mobile vending carts may look a little odd,” he said. “Kye Bay is quite active and a lot of families go down and picnic and enjoy that beach space, and if Mr. Smith is receptive to such an idea then I think it would be a good fit for an operation such as this.”

Coun. Hugh MacKinnon inquired about the possibility of Comox creating a permanent Town-run structure.

“We’ve talked about it (with the Marina Enhancement Committee) but haven’t put a plan together,” noted Fraser.