Vancouver’s Street Cart Holy Trinity: The Top 3

Kaeli Robinson stands by her food truck Tacofino. Photograph by: Handout, Files

By The Vancouver Sun

Kaeli Robinson stands by her food truck Tacofino. Photograph by: Handout, Files

It’s a good sign when I have to wrestle with my thoughts before choosing the top new street food vendors. These, I decree, are my top three favourites. When it came right down to it, I stopped thinking and left it to instinct. These are the ones I’m anxious to get back to.


It’s no contest, it’s my very favourite. The seafood is so fresh and dishes so lively. The vendors make great use of local products, including same-day greens picked that day by a Gibsons farmer. The menu offers more variety than most street hawkers and they don’t sacrifice quality. It’s not easy to cook prawns perfectly during lunch rush, but they do. Great location, too.

2. NU

I’ve been pestering Harry Kambolis for years to do a good Greek restaurant. He did (Nu restaurant) and it’s the best in town.

Nu Souvlaki carts are like appendages. He serves simpler, more casual hand-held food, but he’s put the same passion into making it right. Oops, I’m salivating.


If you feel a Tofino vibe, it’s because they’ve been running a Tacofino in that town, as well. The menu is simple (four kinds of tacos) and you get really good value for delicious simplicity. (Tacos are $3.50 to $6.50.)

They have two trucks in Vancouver (see story) but the one at English Bay seems to be under the radar. A delicious taco on the beach in the summer, it seems, would make for one of those Vancouver moments. Oh, and that cookie of theirs (the diablo), it’s yummy enough to go into business all on its own.