Victoria, CAN: Museum food trucks take a bite out of summer

By Tess van Straaten  |  Chek News


Royal BC Museum launches summer food truck festival

Culinary options in Victoria’s Inner Harbour just got a lot more interesting.

The Royal BC Museum launched its summer-long Food Truck Festival Friday.

“The sort of tucked-away quiet nature of it is one of the joys – you can sit here in peace hidden away from your boss and enjoy a burger and a coke,” says Scott Cooper of the Royal BC Museum.

The festival features some of Victoria’s most popular food trucks including Dead Beetz, The Love Perogy and Wild West BBQ Salmon.

Due to recent changes to BC Liquor laws, the festival also has a vendor selling local beer and wine.

The festival is expected to draw big crowds from now until October.

It’s open daily from 11am to 6pm.