Wandering Chew: Jewish and Kosher Food Truck Roundup

The Eggroll Delicatessen

By Kim Bayne | Founder of Street Food Files

Caplansky's Deli truck in Toronto goes all out for Passover 2012!

If your dietary orientation includes Jewish or kosher cuisine, you may wonder where to find a food truck that suits your needs. The availability of curbside Jewish food varies, and like many food styles, there is plenty of room for interpretation. For example, some food truck operators align themselves with a kosher certifying authority while others are just happy to offer something close to what your Jewish mother used to make. A food truck can choose between Jewish-style, kosher-style, kosher-observant and/or kosher certified, or it may simply offer a few menu items that fit the Jewish food profile.

Some chefs like to experiment with different ingredients to update Jewish food for a new generation. Chutzpah Mobile Dining, located in Orlando, Florida, says its menu is “bringing a modern element to Jewish classics. For example, our take on the Friday night tradition — matzo ball soup — consists of fluffy dill and chive matzo dumplings,” says Will Salkin, owner and chef. Most of Chutzpah’s menu items are kosher style, that is, there is no mixing of meat and dairy. However, finding a reasonably-priced local source of kosher meat can be a challenge for food truck owners, so Chutzpah does not use kosher meat “unless requested for a specific event.”

Chutzpah Mobile Dining

Old World Food Truck, which hosts Passover “Pop-Up Events” in the Bay Area, is not a kosher truck. They do not serve pork and shellfish, and they have served at kosher-style events. However, they “have no plans to certify the truck,” says Kenny Hockert, owner and chef.

Jewish food truck patrons aren’t just limited to the Jewish community. Non-Jewish customers are interested in eating kosher food, too, often due to its reputation of being prepared with strict guidelines. Some customers have food allergies and can’t eat pork or shellfish, while others, like members of the Islamic community, may be looking for food that’s similar to Halal or parallels its dietary laws. Finally, some food truck customers don’t know or don’t care about the kosher designation, or are simply interested in trying something new.

Michael Israel of Los Angeles-based M.O. Eggrolls recalls a gentleman who didn’t look at the menu and simply asked that the chef choose his eggrolls for him. The customer was served “a selection of our favorites including the Tongue Chinois (braised beef tongue, shitake mushrooms, ginger and garlic). He went absolutely nuts for the tongue and had no idea what was in the eggroll,” says Michael. After hearing the eggroll’s ingredients, the customer ran up and down the street yelling “I ate tongue and it was amazing!”

The Eggroll Delicatessen

Jewish Food Truck Directory

Sure, Passover is fast approaching, and any Kashrut-observant foodie knows that kosher and kosher-for-Passover are not the same. So, it’s not like you can’t bookmark this page and come back after the holidays, right?

Check out these purveyors of pareve (neutral), fleishig (meat) and milchig (dairy) mobile fare. Remember, not all food trucks listed below are considered “officially kosher,” and the listing may be incomplete, so remember to inquire before you indulge.

Note: If your Jewish or kosher food truck is not listed below or you’d like to update your listing, please let me know. Just follow and DM me on Twitter, and I’ll get in touch. ~ Kim

Felix and Norton Mobile Bakery

Caplansky Deli Truck

Da Falafel King


Schnitzel Wagon


Old World Food Truck

Max and David’s International Kosher Cuisine & Catering

Sixth and Rye

Moty’s Grill

Chutzpah Truck

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