Washington, DC: New D.C. Food Truck to Hit the Streets

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By Meredith Whitman  | The Daily Meal

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D.C. cannot seem to get enough of the food trucks roaming the street, and soon there will be another vehicle serving sliders to fans.D.C. Sliders is scheduled to hit the streets mid or late July, theWashington Post reports.

The truck is a project of Chris and Carmen Morse. The truck will serve beef, crab cake, and pulled pork sliders with sides of salad and sweet potato fries. For dessert, the owners plan to serve cupcakes is a variety of flavors like chocolate, vanilla, lemon, and red velvet.

The more interesting part of the start-up story is how the truck raised funding. In their first Kickstarter effort, the owners attempted to raise $20,500, which failed in late March. When they re-launched their fundraising efforts they cut their price by 70%, raising $6,000.

The team successfully raised the $6,000 on Kickstarter primarily through social media. Through spam tweeting a video describing their goal, the duo reached out to chefs, D.C. food blogs, and even celebrities like Taylor Swift and Kate Upton.

For more information on D.C. sliders, check out their Facebook andTwitter.