West Chester, PA: Greece, but not greasy: a look at the Greek Express food truck

By Olivia Kimber  |  The Quad

On our beautiful West Chester University of Pennsylvania campus we have wonderful trucks which serve food on Church St. and University Ave. When I first toured here, my mom and I tried the food at one of them, and that ended up being one reason I wanted to become a WCU Ram. As a freshman on campus I had a full meal plan, but on special occasions I would treat myself to a tasty snack or meal at one of the trucks. I love the culture of the friendly people and delicious food coming from the multicolored trucks.

Over the past two years I have fallen for the food, service and price at the Greek Express. I started with their hoagies. I like a simple ham hoagie, especially in the spring. At only $4 for a small order, it is cheaper and better than Wawa. As it grew colder and I wanted something warm, I moved onto burgers. With delicious spices and plenty of food to fill you up, I would recommend these to any burger fan. They even offer veggie burgers if you want or need to stay away from meat.

This past fall I have been looking for something quicker to eat as my schedule has grown busier. My friend suggested that I try their breakfast sandwiches. They are a quick meal and easy to eat at any time during the day. You can include bacon, pork roll, ham, sausage, turkey bacon or scrapple to the egg and cheese to add protein to your midday breakfast. If you are just looking for a snack, their fries hit the spot. My friend loves to eat a breakfast sandwich in the morning and then one of their healthy and tasty salads in the evening. Her choice topping for her salad is chicken. Although I definitely have to agree that their salads are good, I like them with grilled chicken on top.

The Greek Express has been here since August 2013. At that point, there were only a few food trucks outside of Science Schmucker South and the Link on Church St. Through the years they have seen the amount of people grow and enjoyed the experience of campus.

This past week I got to ask them a few questions about their experience at West Chester and what they would say to a first-year. First, they told me how much they love campus and the students here. Although the setting is not the same at the business building, the food is equally as delicious. They are hopeful for more students to come as more classes are being held in the business building. The most important advice they suggested to a student coming for the first time was that they should try the gyros or breakfast sandwiches. They are their best sellers and people come back again and again for more.