Who Would Have Thunk It: Trailer Food Under 500 Calories

Wow! Salad from Sun Farm Kitchens - Courtesy of Sun Farm Kitchens

By Tiffany Harelik | CultureMap.com

Wow! Salad from Sun Farm Kitchens - Courtesy of Sun Farm Kitchens

Not all trailer food is forbidden. Here’s proof you can hit the trailer parks and maintain that girlish figure:

  • Sun Farm Kitchens: Their “Wow! Salad” has mixed greens and baby spinach, cubes of avocado, peaches, sliced olives, shredded carrot and beets topped with some sprouts for $5.  Or how about quenching your thirst with a Carribbean carrot latte: coconut milk, carrot juice, spices on ice for $4? (1106 E 11th).
  • Mmmpanadas: “Roasted Summer Veggies (red bell peppers, zucchini & eggplant) with Smoked Gouda”.  The crust contains trans-fat-free shortening to boot.  Buy it for $3.50 on their truck (4209 Airport Blvd), at Flipnotics Coffee House or Wheatsville Co-op.
  • Counter Culture: “Apple & Cheeze Sandwich”.  This guy has tart Granny Smith Apples, Organic Lettuce & Cashew Cheeze Spread made with raw cashews on a whole wheat bun. It can be yours for $5, tax-included.  Counter Culture also offers a different Quinoa dish every week, all under 500 calories (120 E. North Loop and Ave F).
  • Holy Cacao: “Cake Balls are certified to be under 190 calories each. So you could have 2 (and split a 3rd with a friend) and be under 500!”  says John Spillyards from the Holy Cacao (1311 S. 1st St).
  • La Boite Cafe: Here are two sandwiches under 500 calories:  (1) “Turkey, Brie & organic fig spread” (you can find this delectable recipe in the Trailer Food Diaries Cookbook, Austin Edition coming out this fall), and (2) “Pastrami with provolone, Dai Due Fireman’s 4 mustard & horseradish slaw”.   If you visit this trailer, it will be hard to resist buying the Macarons, which are only about 180 calories a piece (1700 South Lamar Blvd).

To read more about healthy food trucks choices: http://austin.culturemap.com/newsdetail/08-25-11-12-31-trailer-food-under-500-calories/