Zullo’s Food Truck Hits Chicago Streets

Spinach calzone from Zullo's truck (Monica Eng)
By Lauren Viera & Monica Eng | Chicago Tribune
Spinach calzone from Zullo's truck (Monica Eng)

A new food truck hit Chicago streets today with perhaps the most virtuous victuals of them all.

It’s Zullo’s Food Truck cranking out hot calzones.

Adriana Marzullo—of zeppole, pizza and chicken nugget fame at Green City Market—is now selling envelope sized pastry packets holding fillings like spinach, spaghetti & meatballs, chicken pesto, eggplant Parmesan, Italian sausage and more.

The truck—which does not idle while parked and serving customers, thankfully—and its operators (Marzullo and partner Paul Eberly) are B-Corp certified, which means they must meet certain standards on sustainability, worker treatment, food sourcing and even how much they give to charity.

This would have been reason enough for a conscious muncher to check out the truck, but the food’s pretty good, too.

We loved the spinach pie ($7) full of gooey cheese, lots of garlic and spinachy flavor, along with a fresh, lemony kale salad ($2.50), which proved a perfect foil.

The eggplant parmesan calsone ($7) doesn’t quite have the same allure as a plate heavy with the stuff spread over a thicket of ziti, but it makes for a a nice hotpocket of compromise — all marinara and squishy eggplant and just enough cheese.

I [Lauren] finished my meal with a treat of Zullo’s apple pie calzone, which chef Adriana said is how she got her start. It was gone in about five bites — just enough to be satisfied.

Each flaky pie comes with a list of ingredients as well as the percentage of those ingredients that are local and/or organic. For instance, my chicken pesto pot pie was 95 percent local and organic, although not 100 percent yummy. The filling was a little dry and low on pesto flavor.

But this is their first week and the cooks will, no doubt, be making adjustments as they tool around in their little white (and very green) truck.