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Cranston, RI: Food Truck Vendors Vow to Keep Fighting Proximity Ban

Food truck owners who live or have their vehicles registered in Cranston are vowing to keep pressuring city officials and the City Council to re-think local ordinances that restrict food trucks near brick and mortar restaurants.

Denton, TX: Denton City Council to Revisit Food Trucks

Denton leaders will make good on a pledge to revisit the city’s new food truck ordinance during the City Council’s workshop session today.

New Orleans, LA: Mayor Landrieu Vetoes Food Truck Ordinance, Citing Legal Concerns

ayor Mitch Landrieu has vetoed an ordinance allowing for an expansion of food trucks in the city, telling City Council members that he and his staff have concerns about the legality of the ordinance.

Berkeley, CA: Food Trucks to Reopen Due to Efforts from City Council

We’re satisfied in the sense that we get to go back to work,. As for how that new location will work out, only time will tell. We’re taking it one step at a time and are grateful.

Jersey, NJ: New Regulations for Jersey City Food Trucks Again Delayed by City Council

The measure would require that food trucks and other mobile food vendors move at least 150 feet every two hours. The current requirement is that vendors move every 20 minutes, though it is rarely enforced.

New York, NY: Bloomberg Squares Off Against Quinn Over Street Vendor Fees

You may have noticed over the past few months a particular sign plastered on street vendor carts across the City.

New Orleans, LA: Food Truck Proposals Get Hearing at City Council

We should be proud we have wonderful restaurants and food trucks in this city," she said. "These food trucks need to be accessible to everyone. ... We want to go to Company Burger for a hamburger, or we want to go to Dat Dog for a hot dog. And when we pass a taco truck, we're not going to stop for a taco when we want a hamburger

Charlottesville, VA: City Council to Consider Zoning Ordinance for Mobile Food Trucks

The purpose of having the mobile food unit ordinance is to provide guidelines on where food trucks can park on public and private properties across the city.

Raleigh, NC: Food Trucks One Step Closer to Downtown

Raleigh Planning Commissioners Tuesday unanimously approved new rules for food trucks that will allow them to operate in downtown Raleigh. City Council members could give final approval next week to loosen the regulations.

Forney, TX: Forney City Council Votes Down Food Truck Amendment, Approves Zone Change for...

At the Forney City Council meeting on November 20, 2012, the Council discussed changing a Food Truck Amendment that would make it easier for the trucks to come to Forney.