Buffalo, NY: Food trucks and farmers and fun

A circle of food trucks populate Niagara Square each Thursday afternoon for the local lunch crowd.

By  Catherine Miller  |  South Buffalo Courier

A circle of food trucks populate Niagara Square each Thursday afternoon for the local lunch crowd.
A circle of food trucks populate Niagara Square each Thursday afternoon for the local lunch crowd.

It’s not the bustling days of yesteryear but there is a new contemporary climate to the daytime streets of downtown Buffalo and this summer brings a host of activities. The farmer’s market vendors that most people wait until the weekend to line up for are available Tuesday and Thursdays along Main Street. The dozens of vendors are already offering up great local produce, flower baskets, and even great cheeses and kettle corn.

Food trucks load into Niagara Square every Thursday afternoon to feed the masses of office workers and visitors. Encircled like a grouping of covered wagons, the varying food trucks offer mid-day sustenance to those looking to take a break on one of the nearby benches or under a shady tree.

The M&T Plaza Lunchtime Concert Series is underway with great and varying acts in front of the Main Street M&T Bank location. The free performances run noon to 1pm, Mon through Fri until the end of August. This year’s performers will include the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra on July 7, Big Wheelie and the Hubcaps on July 15, and McCarthyizm on July 24. The range is wider than this article would allow and the listing can be found in local branches.

The Erie Basin Marina is still a popular walking area and beautifully scenic with boats drifting in and out of the waterview. Stroll over to the Buffalo Naval and Military Park where you can tour the ships and museum and stop at the Liberty Hound for a great lunch. The nearby Canalside is bustling with activity every day with free lawn and table games and kayak and water bike rentals.

For the historically minded, tours of city hall are given each day, Monday through Friday, at noon. Meet in the lobby for this detailed look into one of the most interesting building interiors in Buffalo.

If you are looking for a bit of style while downtown be sure to stop by the summer shops at the Queen City Pop Up Shop area, located at 653 Main St. While the shops won’t be there long they are presently packed with unique clothing, accessories, gift items and housewares. Vendors include Yar Mo’s Muse, Ginametrical, and MMW Style Studio. Men will love Survival of the Gear, specializing in outdoor sports items. Live and Love Events is also on hand to help you with your event planning needs.

While the brick and mortar restaurants and shops are still active – the waves of food vendors, merchants, and musicians along with other entertainment offers a fresh energy to the up and coming City of Good Neighbors. Take a quick bus trip with the kids for something new and different to do on a weekday afternoon.