Buffalo, NY: Just Pizza food truck joins Buffalo fleet

By Andrew Z. Galarneau  |  Buffalo News


Just Pizza has gotten into the food truck business.

The fully equipped pizza-and-wings kitchen on wheels started selling food earlier this month.

The truck is “a staple” at Canalside’s Thursday and weekend concert venue, Larkinville, private and corporate events, and “will soon have a presence in Buffalo’s growing Medical Corridor,” said company vice president Mark D. Campanella.

Just Pizza has served events from a trailer for several years, Campanella said. The truck – equipped with Blodgett double-deck ovens, two deep fryers and a char-pit grill – went into service Aug. 6 at a Canalside concert.

In 2011, before Buffalo passed its law regulating food trucks, Just Pizza was leery of what food trucks could mean without adequate regulation.

“This could open the door for cowboys to start coming in this town,” Campanella said at the time. “It could be just a scene out of the wild, wild west.”

The food truck law that Buffalo put into effect in 2012 made sure that didn’t happen, Campanella said. From what he’s observed, food truck operators have done “a great job in working both the streets they serve as well as the venues they participate in,” he said.