Buffalo, NY: Montessori Community Association Town Hall Meeting and Food Truck Event – Wednesday, October 21

By BennettMCA Contributor  |  Bennett Park Montessori Community Association


As a group of parents, we want to engage in open and continuing dialog. One way it occurred to us to do this—beyond the usual monthly Montessori Community Association (MCA) meeting with agenda—was to host an informal town hall meeting and food truck event. You, your friends, and family are invited to join us Wednesday, October 21, from 4:00-7:00 p.m.

Attendees are encouraged to come and present ideas, voice opinions, and ask questions. Our administrators and the Montessori Community Association board will be on hand as well as MCA leadership and other fellow parents. Children are welcome, as always.

If the turnout is large, and we hope it is, we will break down into smaller discussion groups. Groups will discuss a certain topic. At the end of the meeting, someone from each table will summarize their group’s discussion.

Proposed topics to be explored during the upcoming town hall meeting:

  • Food at Bennett Park: Lunch, Snacks, Farm to School grant
  • Standardized Testing: When, How, Why?
  • Teaching Peace at Montessori
  • Reading and Reinforcing Literacy at Home
  • Montessori High School Expansion
  • Daily Life at Bennett Park Montessori
  • Montessori Philosophy
  • What Does it Mean to Be a Focus School?
  • More…!

We would never do any of this during the dinner hour without food, so look for these three community-minded food trucks to be on hand, ready to serve you and your family, right on Clinton Street in front of the school. Each food truck is generously giving 10% of their proceeds from the event back to the Montessori Community Association—funding that goes to student activities, field trips, and supplies. We thank them—and you—for attending this new event for Bennett Park Montessori. Please spread the word about the food trucks to your friends and family! (Here’s a community flyer for easy sharing at work, with stores, etc.)

Betty Crockski
Betty is a Polish food truck serving up fancy pierogi and homemade sausage.

Flaming Fish
Fish and fish quesadillas, tacos, and sandwiches. Family owned and operated! https://www.facebook.com/The-Flaming-Fish-Food-Truck-700491056659385/timeline/

Ricos Pinchos Place
Ricos Pinchos Place offers the best of Puerto Rican homemade foods: barbecue, sandwiches, seafood, Soul Food, Spanish/Basque.

James the Ice Creamcycle Dude
Ice cream for $1. We make people happy.
James will be on hand from 4:00-6:00 p.m. selling ice cream!