Jenks, OK: Jenks Food Festival Success for Organizers, Downtown

By Contributor |  Tulsa’s Channel


Jenks, OK – Delicious food and colorful trucks helped make the Jenks Food Truck Festival a success last weekend for organizers.

 Both organizers and city leaders are calling the first ever Jenks, America Food Truck Festival a success in getting the word out about downtown. The event took place back on May 3 with four trucks selling out of food.

 KTUL’s community newspaper partner, the Jenks Journal reported that leaders have long worked to make Jenks a point of destination for tourists in an effort to generate sales tax revenue that is the lifeblood of municipal governments in Oklahoma. Some of those points include The Oklahoma Aquarium, an antique district and a planned arts district.

Chamber of Commerce President Josh Driskell said the food truck festival was an opportunity to target a new demographic.

 “I looked around the food truck festival and I was happy to see how few people I actually knew,” he said.

 Organizers estimated between 1,500 and 2,000 people attended the festival Saturday despite rain, sleet and blustery weather.

“The antique market and the businesses we have here have a built in customer base,” Driskell said. “In addition to advertising and word of mouth we also have these special events to bring in what I call non-traditional consumers to Jenks. In this case we we able to reach into midtown and some of the downtown crowd who follow these food trucks and bring them to Jenks.”

Some of the trucks at the festival last weekend included Andolini’s Pizza and Lone Wolf Banh Mi.

Driskell told councilors during his report Monday the Chamber and other organizations are already in talks with the food truck vendors about returning to Jenks several times throughout the year.

You can read more about the festival or other topics affecting Jenks by going to their website.