Norman, OK: Fowler Volkswagen and Dodge Dealerships Deploy Food Trucks To Boost Saturday Sales

Fowler Food Truck Picture

By Rene Wisely  |  Gear Shift Daily

Fowler Food Truck Picture
Fowler Food Truck Picture

Beefing up dealership business on a Saturday sometimes requires, well, beef, so Fowler Holding Co. will bring in food trucks to its Fowler Volkswagen and Fowler Dodge dealerships beginning on Saturday to feed both employees and guests.

The gourmet food, including Kaiteki Ramen with Japanese-inspired ramen noodle soup and fried brussels sprouts, replaces the dealerships’ standard Saturday lunch fare of burgers and pizza.

“This is another way to support a locally owned business,” Vice President of Operations Jonathan Fowler toldEdmunds. “A lot of these trucks have a lot healthier fare than what one might expect, too.”

Fowler tried out the food trucks last fall and the employees enjoyed it so much, they have been counting the days until the arrival of spring when they can eat while selling 2015 Volkswagen Jettas and Chargers.

“They love the chicken wings truck and the barbecue food truck,” Fowler said.

One of the best perks of having the food trucks is they bring a new audience to the dealership, Fowler said.

“We encourage the food trucks to promote their location and that brings their loyal following to our lot,” he said.  “What that does is take people who may never have considered our brand or our name to visit our lot and see what we are about without any pressure to buy a car and yet we still get on their radar screen.”

Fowlers says a food truck’s presence is responsible for at least one Dodge sale last fall when the person returned after seeing a Jeep Wrangler for sale after grabbing lunch.

Fowler, who owns seven dealerships, hopes to add food trucks to his Tulsa locations, Fowler Chevrolet andFowler Toyota of Tulsa.

“This gives us an edge to stand out,” he added.