San Diego, CA: Hungry? MCAS Miramar Hosts Gourmet Food Trucks

By Beth Ford Ruth |


Craving a butter-poached lobster grilled cheese? Or perhaps a freshly-made crepe with blue cheese and raspberries? Troops with refined appetites can head over to MCAS Miramar, where a corral of gourmet food trucks have been allowed on base to replace a food court under construction.

While the Main Exchange Food Court at Miramar is under construction, the base has contracted with Curbside Bites to provide the food trucks. Some of the trucks and their crews have appeared on the Food Network, including Crepes Bonaparte and Devilicious.

The gourmet food trucks started serving their meals on January 8, and they’re expected to keep feeding hungry Marines and their families until April. Curbside Bites parks four of its gourmet food trucks in front of the Marine Corps Exchange store from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. daily.