Seattle, WA: Here’s the Lineup for the Seattle Street Food Festival

Technically this is the Mobile Food Rodeo. But you get the idea. Photo via Seattle Street Food Festival.

By Allecia Vermillion  |   Seattle Met

Technically this is the Mobile Food Rodeo. But you get the idea. Photo via Seattle Street Food Festival.
Technically this is the Mobile Food Rodeo. But you get the idea. Photo via Seattle Street Food Festival.

The inaugural Seattle Street Food Festival, slated for August 10 in Cal Anderson Park, has an official lineup, and more details about how exactly things will go down at this massive congregation of trucks, carts, booths, and other up-and-coming food outfits—plus plenty of well-known chefs and restaurants.

Organizer Ryan Reiter, also the guy behind the Mobile Food Rodeo food truck gatherings, says the idea is to embrace all kinds of street food, from little booths like Beanfish, which makes taiyaki at the Fremont market, to heavy hitters like the snappily outfitted Barking Frog Mobile Kitchen. Reiter is still adding vendors, and says that brick-and-mortar joints like Li’l Woody’s, Stumbling Goat, Po Dog, Thai Curry Simple, andMarination will also have booths or be involved in some way. Keep an eye on the website as this evolves.

The massive lineup listed below will be on hand from 5 to 11pm, creating a night market ambience as the sun goes down. Admission is free (duh, you pay for the food you buy), though starting June 30 you can get a priority line ticket for $35, or $65 premiere pass that lets you skip lines all day long.

Then there’s the pop-up picnic portion of the evening, which runs from 7 to 10. Organizer One Night Onlyhas recruited 12 chefs (final roster forthcoming but it already includes Joshua Henderson and Matthew Lewis) for an event that’s part picnic, part showdown. Each chef will make a street food-inspired dish and ticketholders can wander around this enclosed area, sampling them all and partaking of unlimited drinks. Judges will dole out awards for best in show, best signature dish, and most innovative. Just 250 tickets are available; they’re on sale here June 28 for $125 in advance, and $165 after July 11.

After the picnic, Ethan Stowell and Jason Franey are hosting an industry party until 2am. Hosted beer and cocktails will flow, and whole pigs will be roasted. Space is limited, so the first 100 people who buy tickets to the pop-up picnic will get an invite to attend and details on its whereabouts.

Check out the website on June 28 for more details and lineup updates. Reiter hopes to expand the festival to two days in 2014. Meanwhile, here is the street food that has been confirmed thus far.


Bigfood Mobile

Secret Sausage

Street Donuts

Kurly’s—Deep-fried potatoes


Los Agaves

Mi Ranchito—Purveyors of Mexican corn on the cob

My Sweet Little Cakes



Afghan Delicious


Tiga Dara—Indonesian food

Li’l Woody’s

Po Dog

Deluxe Bar and Grill

Pagliacci Pizza

Thai Curry Simple

Stumbling Goat

Saigon Sunset

Ballard Brothers Seafood and Burgers

Kilohana Shave Ice

Trophy Cupcakes

Pink’s Ice Cream


Ezell’s Express

Monte Cristo

Maximus Minimus

Where Ya At Matt

My Chef Lynn

Barking Frog Mobile Kitchen

Crisp Creperie

Hallava Falafel

Grilled Cheese Experience

Charlie’s Buns

Evolution Revolution

Fish Basket

Falafel Salam

Caravan Crepes

Jemil’s Big Easy

Nomad Curbside

Now Make Me A Sandwich

Poke to the Max

Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream

Street Treats