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Baton Rouge, LA: Local Food Trucks Gain Popularity

The trend took off locally when local entrepreneur Jared Loftus and his business partners launched Ninja Snowballs in 2009.

Baton Rouge, LA: Downtown Restaurants Say Food Trucks Take Away Customers

Some restaurant owners in the Main Street Market say the food trucks swoop in and steal their customers.

Food Trucks Given Limited Access to Customer

“That’s the place where restaurant owners really have a problem with food truck owners,” Del Castillo said. “I’m an Uptown kind of guy.”

Baton Rouge: Food Truck Wroundups Generate Local Interest

Not that food trucks are universally popular in Baton Rouge. Some downtown restaurant owners complain about the unfair competitive advantage the trucks seemingly enjoy and the bad business practices of a few that earned the whole group a black eye last summer.

Baton Rouge has its Street Food Act Together!

The food truck culture in Baton Rouge is just that… a group of truck owners that have banded together with a common philosophy that drives their goal to sell street food. And, the key factor is that they do so as a united front both in location and promotion.